IIT JEE (Mains And Advanced), NEET: Choosing The Right Institute And Teachers

Choosing the right coaching institute for your child is an important decision as a parent since the right institute can propel the child’s success. India has an enormous choice when it comes to coaching institutes, and often, it can be confusing to identify the best ones. However, finding the right institute for your kid is not an impossible task. Here are some ways to narrow the search:

Get To Know the Teachers 

The most important part of any educational institution is the quality of teachers. Ensure that teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects. Parents should keep in mind that good teachers go the extra mile for their students, and that your child should feel comfortable with the teacher. To quote Mark Van Doren, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Try and understand the teaching methods used in class.

Distance to Classes

Ideally, you should choose a coaching class that is near you. Students shouldn’t spend time and energy commuting, as this could lead to exhaustion. In case of offline classes, Integrated coaching classes, where both preparation for Board and competitive Exams take place under one roof is recommended. Alternatively, online classes is also a good option. Some institutes offer both online and offline courses.

Track Record

Parents must always check the track record of the institutions they are considering. The right coaching classes will show consistent, high-standard results over many years.

Personal Attention

Are students getting personalised attention from teachers? Every student learns at their own pace, and in a good coaching class, teachers pay equal attention to all their students and ensure that everyone’s needs are taken care of.The Batch size is also a key factor in determining the aspect of personal attention. Smaller the batch size, more the personal attention.

Performance Assessment

Regular tests are a great way to track a student’s performance. Parents should understand how various coaching classes track their students’ progress over time. It should be a structured and systematic approach which motivates the Students to improve.

When it comes to coaching classes, there’s no shortage of institutes to choose from. Parents and students should remember to do their due diligence and choose the right option according to their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the right age for IIT coaching?

80-85% of the NEET paper is sourced from the NCERT books, which is why you should give adequate time and attention to study it. However, you shouldn’t only stick to the NCERT books. The NCERT books have simple language and are able to provide a solid foundation for your preparation. But it’s important to also look at reference books and practice tests during your preparation.

Is NCERT sufficient for NEET?

The right time to start IIT coaching is from class 9 th . This will give students adequate time to strengthen their foundational concepts, which will help in future preparation. Students shouldn’t be pressured to start from a very young age like class 6 th , but they shouldn’t be waiting until class 11 th  either as they might not have enough time to adequately cover the entire syllabus.

What is the criteria for giving JEE advanced?

Some changes and relaxations have been announced for the JEE Advanced. Now, students do not need minimum eligibility marks of 75% (65% for ST/ SC) in 12 th  to appear for the Advanced. Any student who passes 12 th  and is able to crack JEE Mains will be able to sit for the JEE Advanced.

Is coaching material enough for JEE mains and advanced?

Yes, coaching material is sufficient for JEE Mains and Advanced. However, you must give adequate time to practice the questions. Solving practice tests is important from a time management perspective and helps you understand the format of the exam. It also helps you prepare for the test mentally so that you do not get overly stressed out while answering the exam.